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The Nonprofit MBA Podcast with Stephen Halasnik

Nov 4, 2020

Strategic partnerships are used in the for-profit world quite often. However, strategic partnerships can also be used in the non-profit and social service sectors as well. These partnerships can help build momentum within a targeted community and can help aid in executing a mission more effectively. Coming together with another organization can often cause a surplus of new ideas to come about, and it can be overwhelming knowing where to focus your energy. That is why for any strategic partnership it is crucial to be able to reflect on your own organization before looking outside for help. Having a strong and efficient team and board members is crucial in making the process flow smoothly. Today's episode will introduce Ingrid Bredeneberg who will help give some expert advice on managing a strategic partnership for your non-profit.

Financing Solutions Stephen Halasnik speaks with Ingrid Bredenberg from Bredenberg Associates