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The Nonprofit MBA Podcast with Stephen Halasnik

Oct 7, 2020

It is a tough time for all leaders, including those leaders for nonprofit organizations, with everything going on right now during these tough times. It is even harder for decision-making when there are major differences, goals, or communication strategies between the different leadership levels of a nonprofit organization. Whether the nonprofit board is bored, or reactive to long-standing issues, there are strategies and assessments that can assist a nonprofit’s leadership with getting everyone on the same page and engaged with constructive push back.

With a full assessment of the board governance, development framework, strategic plan, and leadership skills available, a nonprofit can leverage the skills of their board to turn challenging times into positives problems that provide ample opportunities lead by a great group of people.

Stephen Halasnk from Financing Solutions speaks with Tom Phillips from TL Phillips Consulting Services about Nonprofit boards.